Miika Saksi is a self-taught creative director with a strong vision from concept development, graphic design and aesthetics, to digital design and it's applications. He has been working as a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, stylist, writer and a film maker since 1995.

Miika's unique asset is his ability to apply his knowledge of street and popular culture with long and diverse experience from different fields and positions of marketing, advertising, fashion and music industries to find creative solutions that are both innovative, contemporary and contextually relevant.

Currently Miika is working together with his colleague, designer Tiia Vanhatapio. The design duo's collaboration started in late 2011 — focusing on brand profiling, design cases, commercial film production and visual identities.
More info about the Unorthodox Creative Agency Vanhatapio & Saksi www.vanhatapiosaksi.com

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